Feminine Power Workshop- Cate Gongos Facilitator

Breakthrough to the next level on your journey! Satisfy your yearning to become all that you can be!
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Date - Time - Location

Sept 29th & Oct 4th • 9am - 4pm both days
Cate's Home

About the Event

Fee:  $149 (regular price $300) 

Includes - 2 lunches, snacks, water, coffee/ tea, pop, 

Facilitator: Cate Gongos

Location: Cate's Home

Address : 65082 Southshore Dr. E. (located in the M.D, about 10 minutes from town) 

Feminine Power focuses on the unique principles of transformation and unlocking your Three Power Centers. If you have a yearning to become all that you can be this workshop is for you! Take your gifts and talents to the next level and claim your power as a creator through your relationship with Yourself, with Life, and with Others.   

I am so excited to share this work with you!  You will not find this information or have this experience anywhere else. A few of the highlights are listed below. 

• Learn about the 8 Key Areas of Feminine Self-Actualization.

• Discover the old stories and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

• Experience the wisdom of the Feminine Power process.

• Claim your power as a creator through your relationship with yourself, the universe, and others.

*This workshop was created by my teacher Dr. Claire Zammit, the founder of Feminine Power. Her work has impacted over 500,000 women from more than 100 countries. 

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