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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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Bless this space and everyone on their spiritual journey.


In our last blog Sense What You Cannot See we explored the final card on our Soul Seekers’ Journey, the Soul Power card. As seekers, we yearn to understand the power of our soul and how we can experience it in our everyday lives. The Soul Power card has more to share and is back again with the Law of One card.

Card #1 Soul Power

Card #2 One

Soul Power & the Law of One

What these cards want us to know…

When the Soul Power card shows up it invites us to work with our soul powers and use them to bring more joy and fulfillment into our lives and the lives of others. ..

What are Soul Powers?

These are our interior senses, energies, and mystical capacities that we sense, but cannot physically see. They include our intuition imagination, creativity, insights, inspiration, love, wisdom, truth, compassion, courage, grace and much more.

We receive our soul powers in Kairos or vertical time which is always in the present moment. As humans we tend to spend allot of our time regretting the past or worrying about the future. We manage our “to do” lists and daily activities in linear or Chronos ( chronological ) time.

Our biggest challenge is that we are not present enough to receive the higher mystical capacities, powers, and wisdom of our soul. We don’t know how to create an inner space for stillness or how to commune and dialogue with our soul.

We now live in the Age of Energy beyond the limitations of our 5 physical senses. This means we need to consciously align all the parts of ourselves. We need to spend quiet time with our being (spirit and soul), and we need to be more present or conscious when we are busy doing (mind, emotions, and body). We need both these capacities to function in the physical world and to maintain balance and well-being in our interior world.

Our soul powers are the mystical tools the Divine uses to communicate with us. The information and guidance we receive from our soul is not logical, rational, or backed by facts. Our messages and spiritual experiences are validated by the empowerment and truth we instantly sense within. This new power partnership with our soul is based on trust, faith, and surrender.

How do we access our Soul Powers?

We access our soul powers energetically through our 6th chakra, also known as our intuition or “third eye”. An intuitive “hit” is when we have a “knowing”, an experience or receive guidance from our soul. We may hear a voice in our head or out loud, see a vision, have a dream, or experience a strong recurring feeling about something. This is our intuition trying to get our attention.

We are all born intuitive; it is not something we need to study. We do need to learn to trust our inner guidance and notice how we receive it. We all have the power of choice, but we often choose to ignore or not to act on the insights and messages we receive. Our soul and inner body, unlike our mind and ego, are instruments of wisdom and truth that can be trusted to guide us forward.

Other soul powers include our imagination, creativity, insights, inspiration, love, wisdom, truth, compassion, courage, awe, all the graces and more.

Our challenge is to harness and use more of these powers in our everyday life. When we do listen and act on them, we sense a subtle shift in consciousness. They energetically move us forward bringing more joy, fulfillment, and purpose into our life.

We receive our soul powers in the present or Kairos time, but they are orchestrated at the cosmic level which is outside of space and time. When we ask for a soul power, we instantly engage the power of Intention and the Law of Attraction - “where attention goes energy flows”.

Energy flows from our soul and heart center (4th chakra), through our spiritual senses (chakras 5 - 7 ), and above our head into higher levels of consciousness. This is the realm of grace, higher mystical forces, and mystical laws (chakras 8-10 ).

These higher levels of consciousness are where the mystery, magic and cosmic forces align with the ancient wisdom and endless possibilities of our soul. We receive guidance through our intuition, grace, and synchronicity in the present moment. Guidance from the mystical realm is not logical and does not necessarily happen in the time-frame we expect.

Our job is to be listen, trust, and act whatever insights and messages are revealed. We surrender “my will” to “thy will” and detach from the outcome. Here are 3 easy steps.

1. Stand in wonder and curiosity.

2. Listen, trust & act on guidance received.

3. Surrender and detach from the outcome.

Our soul powers also allow us to open and channel higher levels of inspiration, insights, ancient wisdom, intelligence, and creativity sourced beyond our conscious or rational mind. We may experience this when we receive information, new possibilities or solutions that are beyond our current knowledge, age, and life experience. Somehow, we receive new insights, wisdom, or capacities but we have no idea how we know what we know!


Our Soul Powers guide us towards our Life Purpose

Our life purpose is deeper than any occupation or career. It is something we are called to do, not just for ourselves but for others. This usually means other people, but we may be called to serve animals, the environment, or something else on the planet.

It is something we feel compelled to act on, facilitate or create using our passion, gifts, and talents. It is the intersection of our essence qualities (gifts & talents) and the sacred contract of our soul.

Going Home...

Our soul is fully empowered and yearns for us to evolve, find our power, and return home. But what and where is home?

Home is when we find our missing piece, the wholeness within our being that we are all seeking. It is the sacred Oneness, the essence of the Divine that is woven through everyone and everything in the universe.

Home is the Law of One


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