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Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket … never let it fade away.

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

It’s time to explore the mystic in you through the magic of the Soul Seeker’s oracle cards.

Wherever you are, center yourself and settle in as we begin our fourth card reading.

You are welcome to pop in and out of the card readings, but, keep in mind, we are also travelling together as a virtual group. Each reading is moving us all forward on our soul seekers’ journey. If you missed any of the previous card readings you will find them in my blogs starting with, Up, Up, and Away, Slow down, you’re moving too Fast, and Home is where your Heart is.

Let’s get started!

As always, I ask that we take a moment to bless this space that is supporting everyone on this journey.

Our two cards, pulled randomly, are Soul Companions and Inspiration. When I reflect on these cards and the order they appeared, all I can say is, “Wow!”

In our previous readings the cards were clearly creating a foundation for our journey, but these 2 cards are inviting us to jump in and take a big step forward!

Take a few moments to explore the art work and message on each card. Your message is beside the card.

Card #1

Card #2

Your Card Reading

What messages do these cards hold for us?

Whatever you desire to create or transform, it is extremely difficult to do anything alone or in isolation. 

Your journey may be to have more confidence, to improve your health, up level your career, or perhaps to have more influence and impact in the world. Whatever you are yearning to create or become, it cannot be done alone or in isolation. Life and the universe manifest through the matrix of our relationships with others.

As soul seekers, our soul companions are people we deeply resonate with and share a passion and reverence for the spiritual journey. They are like falling stars, a rare precious gift that we cannot create or plan for, but, when they appear, we find our selves reaching out to catch them. Spiritual companions are drawn together to illuminate each other along the spiritual path and bring truth and wisdom into each other’s lives. They can hold the deepest parts of each other in a safe and sacred space that is often beyond the capacity of our most cherished friends and trusted family members. We are never advised to make the spiritual journey alone.

You cannot become your Self by yourself.

Inspiration is not something we can consciously control or create, but we can step into situations and relationships with others that may help inspiration find us! Sometimes our family, friends, or soul companions, can see our brilliance and potentials that we can’t see for ourselves. They are often the catalyst that inspires us to create something or to make changes in the areas of our life that are holding us back.

We need both these cards, right now, to take the next step on our journey.

The Soul Companions card appears first to remind us that, whatever our journey, we need the support and love of others to reach our highest potential and destiny. We also need to acknowledge our role as a soul companion for others. This means we need to be able to receive support, but also to generate support for others.

Inspiration is our second card. Inspiration is divine guidance and a gift from our soul that must be captured and acted upon quickly before it fades away. Inspiration paired with the Soul Companions card, tells us that the relationships and bonds we cultivate with others are often our greatest source of inspiration. These two cards showing up together, in this order, indicates that your next step on your journey will probably be inspired by someone you deeply resonate with or consider a soul companion.

I also feel these two cards have joined forces to create a magical field of support because they would like to become our soul companions right now! Both these cards are Mystical Tools*. They are falling stars and gifts from our soul that are asking us to catch and receive them. If you don’t allow them fade away, they will continue to present situations, people, opportunities, and inspiration, that will hold the next steps you are looking for. They are asking you to reach for the stars. Put both these cards in your pocket for safe keeping and be open to receiving their support and guidance however it shows up.

Your Mystical Law Card* - Take your Journey into the Real World!

I chose the Law of Energy to complement the Soul Companions and Inspiration cards. We are all multi-sensory beings of energy. We are drawn into our relationships with others and with life by the vibration of our thoughts, feelings, and the field of energy we create.

The Law of Energy resonates with your 6th chakra located in the middle of your forehead. The sixth chakra is your “third eye” and the spiritual center of intuition and wisdom.

Card References:

*Mystical Tools: These cards help you to access, navigate, and experience your interior journey through your soul senses.

*Mystical Laws: These cards are universal laws and truths. They invite you to take the messages and insights from the cards into your everyday life through the laws.


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