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Four Strong Winds...can blow lonely

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Last time we met I left you with the Soul Compass card. This the perfect card to reflect on as we begin our journey. Your soul compass is a mystical navigational tool that guides your interior world.

It illuminates your path towards who you really are, and how you can serve others. Think of it as your conscience, or moral compass always guiding you towards the right thing to say or do. Your soul is always with you and active on your journey, regardless of the winds and weather conditions in your life.

The Four Strong Winds are our soul compass coordinates.

They may show up as gentle breezes or gale force storms, but they are always in motion moving you forwards and backwards on your path. The fours winds are your

Ego (east), Authentic-self (west), Fate (south), and Destiny (true north).

Your soul compass prepares you to navigate life’s storms when the winds of the ego and fate take control. These winds can blow lonely tossing you backwards, shaking you to your core, and sometimes towards a fate that you do not want. Your soul compass helps you navigate these storms until you can emerge from the dark night with greater clarity, inner strength, and soul stamina.

When these four winds are at your back, you find yourself in the present moment sailing effortlessly with the flow of life. You are tuned into a deeper current and an energy more aligned with truth, joy, and the highest possible outcome in any given moment. You make wiser choices moving closer towards your authentic-self, highest potential, and destiny contribution.

This is your True North.

Hold your soul compass close to your heart for easy access. Every choice you make spins the compass needle recording your actions and reactions in any given moment. All choices, large and small, impact your life and the lives of others. If you find this thought overwhelming, just remember that all is well.

How do I know this?

The message on the card is clear

-Your Journey is Divinely guided.

Your interior journey requires different coordinates and skills than any road trip you have ever been on! There will be rest stops, points of interest, and many course corrections on your trip. The difference is, the interior journey is not guided by your mind and five physical senses, but by your soul senses. We have all experienced these senses but most of us have no idea where they come from, how they work, or how to apply them in our everyday life.

Your soul senses include imagination, inspiration, intuition, deepest desires, creativity, and emotions- just to name a few!

There is a magic about our interior senses that your mind cannot comprehend or control because these senses can only be experienced. The mind wants to set a goal, demands a destination, an amazing purpose, a destiny, and all of this better happen quickly!

Your heart and soul already know all the answers to your questions and hold the plan to get you there.

In the realm of the soul, the journey of wisdom and truth is the gold, not the destination. For most of us this requires a huge leap of faith, and the ability to surrender as we learn to embrace the mysteries of the unknown.

It is time to shift your perception and expand your awareness to create more space for your soul senses to grow and flow. Ask your soul to take the wheel and push your mind and five physical senses into the trunk.

They are no match for the power and gifts of the soul.

You are not advised to make the spiritual journey alone. We all need teachers, mentors, friends, and soul companions along the way.

Soul companions are the people you resonate with on a deep, authentic, and soul level. When we share our spiritual journey with others we amplify our power.

I want to leave you with my Soul Companion card until we meet again.

Soul Companions

Amplify your power with others.


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