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Go With Your Flow

Updated: Apr 11

We have all heard the expression “go with the flow.” As spiritual seekers we are curious to learn more about flow and how we can experience more of it in our lives.

Think of a situation when a creative activity or a sport totally consumed your attention. You may have experienced a heightened sense of awareness, intuition, a burst of creativity, emotional freedom or joy rushing through you. Any feelings of self consciousness disappeared, and nothing could impede whatever it is you were doing or creating. You were in the present moment, unstoppable, and going with the flow.

Suddenly you “pop out” and realize that you have lost all track of time and it felt like you were in a different zone. Quite likely you felt this way because you were in a flow state and experiencing an expanded or higher consciousness!

We cannot command or control flow because it’s a mystical force. It is the evolutionary impulse of life, a dimension of consciousness that is always flowing through everyone and everything in the universe. This is the invisible force that urges us to evolve, create, and move forward. When we allow ourselves to let go, we are swept up by this deeper current of life that is already happening. We find ourselves aligning and flowing with life.

As seekers we sometimes bump into flow when two or three elements come together. The first and most important, is that you are happy with whatever it is you are doing or creating. Happy means you love what you are doing, and your inner self loves that you are doing it.

Flow is connected to happiness and closely aligned with our purpose, forgiveness, and love.

When you are doing what you love, you are engaging and creating using the gifts and talents of your soul and fulfilling your purpose. You know this because your body, mind, and spirit feel content. Happiness happens naturally when we are creating from our true self and soul, and not from the wants and needs of our conditioned mind and fearful ego. You also sense that you are not working alone but in a co-creative partnership with a power that is greater than you. In the eyes of the Divine our purpose and happiness are the same.

When we engage our purpose, we align with our truth and flow with a higher consciousness. At this altitude have the clarity to see another key component of happiness and flow which is forgiveness. Forgiveness is the compassion we have for ourselves and our capacity to see the goodness in the other person. We are willing to shift our perceptions and reactions from fear to love. Forgiveness releases us from lingering guilt, shame, and blame because we release and trust the outcome of the situation to the Divine. When we allow ourselves to let go, we align with deeper current of life.

Love is the fourth element that aligns with flow, because we are all inter-connected through the essence of love. The yearnings of our heart and soul urge us to fulfil our personal wants and needs, but also to help and empower others. When we sense and serve the needs of others, we fill our soul and touch the power of love. When we allow love to flow through us our actions and reactions light up the world.

Life is an endless process of change and evolution. When we are in a flow state, we allow this process to happen without getting in the way. We surrender our personal agenda and find we are available to attract whatever life needs from us. When we go with flow we experience where life wants us to go.

“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” - Lao Tzu


Cate is the author of the Soul Seeker’s Journey oracle cards, which will be available later this year. You can view and explore many of these cards on my Face Book page, Cate’s Corner (blog), or Instagram.Cate’s Corner features card readings to offer you guidance and inspiration with whatever is going on in your life right now. I encourage you to check out my blog, subscribe (at no cost), and post a comment. You don’t want to miss a card or a reading that may be life changing!​I am a Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. Other certifications and passions include – Card Reader, Archetype Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Artist. Prior to following my talents and vocation, I was a secondary school teacher and adult educator for 25 years in Alberta, including 16 years as the Vice President of Northern Lakes College.​I call home the town of Slave Lake, Alberta.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer and provide leadership for many non-profit community projects including : Wellness Fairs, Legion Paint Nights, and Home & Garden Tours. I was also active in the emergency housing and recovery efforts after wildfires devastated a third of our town in 2011.​ I spearheaded Art with a Heart, a three-year initiative that collected original art donations from across Canada to gift to residents who had lost their homes. For my contributions in the Slave Lake recovery efforts and the Art with a Heart project, I was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour, and other awards.​I am thrilled to bring my gifts, talents and my Soul Seeker’s Journey cards into the world. I will also be creating unique offers and workshops for women who are looking to self-actualize, create the life they want, and become the person they know they can be.


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