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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to Cate’s Corner – the place to explore your interior world, through the magic of the Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. Before we start our third card reading, I ask that we continue to hold this virtual space as our safe and sacred container for everyone participating. If you missed the last 2 card readings you will find them in my blogs Up, Up, and Away, and Slow down, You’re Moving Too Fast.

Let’s get started!

The two cards randomly pulled for this reading are Sacred Space & Soul Compass. These have shown up near the beginning of our journey because they are foundational tools to help us explore and experience our interior world. Take a moment to reflect on each of these cards, and your card message.

Card #1

Sacred Space - Soul Seeker's Journey

Card #2

Soul Compass - Soul Seeker's Journey

Your Card Reading

What messages do these cards hold for us?

Sacred Space is the first card in our 2-card spread. It is a Spiritual Practice* card inviting us to use our sacred space to start or to deepen our spiritual practice.

The Sacred Space card followed by the Soul Compass card is significant. It means that we are asked not only to rest in our physical sacred space, but to go deeper and find the sacred space within our Being. If you are struggling to find this space within you, start by placing one hand gently on your heart. Breath deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly, and focus on your breath. Take your awareness inside your body, and gently shift your attention into your heart center. You may experience a warmth in this area, perhaps some feelings or sensations, or even a subtle shift within. You may feel nothing and that is also fine. Your heart is intuitive, so just allow yourself to rest comfortably in this loving space.

The Soul Compass card is a Mystical Tool* that offers us intuitive guidance and registers the power of all our choices. Every choice we make spins the compass needle recording our actions and reactions in any given moment.

Poor choices can lead us down a path of negative consequences and results that we do not want. Wise choices move us closer towards empowerment and our highest potential. Your soul compass rests in the sacred space of your heart and is powered by your soul and not the mind. It sees beyond the stories and limiting beliefs of our ego, and it intuitively guides us towards the wisest choices that align with our True North.

As you can see, both these cards provide a powerful foundation and are tools that will continue to serve us on our journey ahead.

Your Mystical Law Card* - Take your Journey into the Real World!

I chose the Law of Sensation to complement our Sacred Space and Soul Compass cards. The Law of Sensation resonates with the 4th chakra located in the heart. It manages the graces and energies of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

Card References:

*Spiritual Practice: A spiritual practice is an important foundational tool to help you access and align with your interior world.

*Mystical Tool: These cards help you to access, navigate, and experience your interior journey.

* Mystical Law: These cards are all universal laws and truths.

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