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In The Arms Of The Angels ...Fly Away!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to our seventh card reading! It’s time to explore your spiritual journey through the magic of the Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. If you missed any of our previous card readings you will find them in my blogs starting with, Up, Up, and Away.

As always, I ask that we bless this virtual space we are holding to support everyone on their personal journey.

Let’s go!

Our 3 cards, pulled randomly, are Intention, Surrender, and Presence. We are using a 3-card spread - past, present and future to explore these cards in the order they were pulled. This is a magical trio with so much insight and wisdom for everyone wherever you are on your journey.

Allow yourself to feel into the artwork. Explore the images, symbols, your insights and the message on the card. Your message is in the box beside the card.

Card #1 (Past)

Card #2 (Present)

Card #3: (Future)

Your Card Reading – What messages do these 3 cards hold for you?

Intention is in the past position. Your Soul has been trying to get your attention. This may be intentions from the past that keep resurfacing or perhaps something within the last few days or hours. Ask yourself these questions - Have you been setting intentions around your wants and needs from a place of fear, lack or worry? Are you trying to change or fix something?

This card invites you to walk through the mystical portal of Intention. Open your heart and reflect on your deeper desires and what you really want. What have you been holding in your heart that yearns to be expressed, created or contributed through you?

The dog walking with you on this card is a reminder to be loyal to everyone who loves you, and, that you are always loved.

Surrender in the present position is in the perfect spot for our reading. When you set intentions from your deeper desires that align with your heart and Soul, you ignite the seeds of your potentials and unlimited possibilities.

As you start to act on these intentions, you may find that there is a level of courage, commitment and some work to do before you can move forward. The chains holding you back are not outside of you but inside of you. They are all the old stories, toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs you have been holding onto perhaps for many years. You cannot create at the level of your Soul on top of these hidden barriers that keep you stuck.

Do not despair or give up on the intentions of your Soul. Surrender everything, all your conscious and hidden barriers to the Divine, the Universe, God, Spirit or perhaps Nature. Use whatever word resonates with you and connects you to a power greater than yourself.

The essence and act of surrender offers you two amazing gifts.

🎁 When you set an intention from your heart and surrender that intention to a Higher Power, you begin to co-create in partnership with the greater intelligence of life.

🎁 Surrender gives you the space and clarity to see beyond your external wants and needs and to trust that your next step will be illuminated at just the right time.

Presence in the future position is not about an ending, a prediction, or a fixed outcome. This card mirrors the possibilities and potentials that are yours to step into when you set intentions from your deeper desires and surrender them to a power greater than you. This card invites you to step into…your authentic power and Presence.

This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or that you have resolved all your old stories, limiting beliefs and hidden patterns. In this reading it means you are starting to open and allow yourself to be more present in the moment. You are more conscious of where your spirit is. When your thoughts or feelings are spending too much time in the past or the future you are able to shift them back into the present.

All power is in the Present Moment.

When others feel your presence, it means that you body, mind, and spirit are aligned and your True Self shines through for all to see. What others sense and feel are your charisms or graces. These are your unique essence qualities and the signatures of your Soul. Others sense and see your compassion, love, understanding and wisdom. Grace is the invisible power from the Divine that fills you and the field around you with your presence.

In this card we see a woman totally present and aligned with her heart and Soul. She is feeling the essence of Grace and a connection with everyone and everything. Her very presence creates a field of connection, safety and trust.

She knows the deeper truth that all of life breathes together.

Step into Your Authentic Power and Presence

What your Soul wants you to know?

When you set intentions that align with your heart and Soul and surrender them to the Divine or the Universe, you are releasing them into the arms of the angels. Your angels gently guide the seeds of your deepest desires and watch over them as they fly away into the field of unlimited possibilities. Stand in your power and presence and shift into a place of receptivity, wonder and curiosity. Trust your intuition, inspiration, creativity and the magic of life to reveal your next step. Life is always organizing around your success and everything is working out for your highest good. Remember, your journey is divinely guided, and you never walk alone.


Cate is the author of the Soul Seeker’s Journey oracle cards, which will be available later this year. You can view and explore many of these cards on my Face Book page, Cate’s Corner (blog), or Instagram.Cate’s Corner features card readings to offer you guidance and inspiration with whatever is going on in your life right now. I encourage you to check out my blog, subscribe (at no cost), and post a comment. You don’t want to miss a card or a reading that may be life changing!​I am a Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. Other certifications and passions include – Card Reader, Archetype Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Artist. Prior to following my talents and vocation, I was a secondary school teacher and adult educator for 25 years in Alberta, including 16 years as the Vice President of Northern Lakes College.​I call home the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer and provide leadership for many non-profit community projects including :  Wellness Fairs, Legion Paint Nights, and Home & Garden Tours. I was also active in the emergency housing and recovery efforts after wildfires devastated a third of our town in 2011.​ I spearheaded Art with a Heart, a three-year initiative that collected original art donations from across Canada to gift to residents who had lost their homes. For my contributions in the Slave Lake recovery efforts and the Art with a Heart project, I was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour, and other awards.​I am thrilled to bring my gifts, talents and my Soul Seeker’s Journey cards into the world. I will also be creating unique offers and workshops for women who are looking to self-actualize, create the life they want, and become the person they know they can be.

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