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Is Love all you really need? This mystical truth revealed!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Welcome to our sixth card reading! It’s time to explore your spiritual journey through the magic of the Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. If you missed any of our previous card readings you will find them in my blogs starting with, Up, Up, and Away.

As always, I ask that we take a moment to bless this virtual space we are holding to support everyone on their journey.

Let’s get started!

Our 3 cards, pulled randomly, are Intuition, Forgiveness, and Love. These cards pack a lot of soul power and they are here together to offer you new insights and guidance. This three-card spread allows you to explore these cards through the lens of the past, present, and future.

Take a few moments to explore the artwork and the message for you beside each card.

Card #1 (Past)

Card #2 (Present)

Card #3: (Future)

What messages do these cards hold for you?

Intuition in the past position is inviting you to reflect on what you know about your intuition and how you have / or have not been using it - up until now!

Forgiveness in the present position is asking you to reflect on who you need to forgive right now. This could be about you, another person or a situation that happened recently or perhaps many years ago. For you to move forward on your journey there is work you need to do now in the area of forgiveness.

The Love card is in the future position. It offers you the gift of your highest potential and new possibilities if you choose to follow your intuition and practice forgiveness. Love encompasses everything you need to heal and feel at peace with yourself, your life and your Soul.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these cards and the spiritual messages they hold for you. We will also be looking for the answer to our question - Is Love all we really need?

Intuition is not a special gift reserved for a select few but an active participant in your everyday life that you can choose to cultivate, develop, and tap into. It is your interior navigation system that allows you to access a deeper wisdom and guidance sourced not from your mind but from your Soul.

Intuition is the language of the Soul that speaks to you subtly in many ways. You may experience it as an inner voice, a hunch, a gut feeling, a dream, signs, symbols or premonitions. Sometimes you might have a “knowing” about something but you don’t know where you know if from. As multi-sensory beings we are always picking up information on a sensory level from others through their body language, tone of voice, or the energy field around them. Your intuition is always reading, feeling and interpreting situations, circumstances and relationships beyond what you can see and feel with your five physical senses.

To activate your intuition, set an intention to receive something that your heart and soul deeply desires. Intuition aligns with your intentions, but is not directed by them. When you believe that life is organizing around your success and your intentions align with the desires of your heart and soul, you unlock the power of intuition.

When you start to act on your intuition your body and emotions let you know you are on the right track. You feel expanded, open, excited, confident, and sense new possibilities. Your intuition always inspires you to make better choices that bring more joy and fulfillment into your life. Have the courage to act on the whispers of your Soul.

Forgiveness is a gift from your Soul that offers you inner peace, healing, fulfillment, and freedom. True forgiveness transforms you, your life and the lives of others.

When you decide to forgive yourself or someone else you usually apologize, seek to balance the relationship, and are genuinely sorry for your words or actions. You do your best to make amends and you try to move forward. The problem with this level of forgiveness is that your mind and ego are incapable of lasting forgiveness. Your ego wants to hold you or the other person responsible for why the events in your life turned out the way they did, or why you were treated so unfairly.

Your ego is based in fear and can be relentless. It tries to keep you stuck in old patterns and the negative energies of anger, hurt, blame, regret and resentment. Genuine forgiveness and healing in based only in love and happens through your Soul. This is available to you through your spiritual practices, intuitive guidance, grace and your personal relationship with the Divine.

As a Soul Seeker you are asked to surrender and allow the Divine to dissolve your past resentments, anger, blame and other emotions trapped in your body. Choose to embrace the Divine’s plan and not your own to resolve the relationship with yourself or others.

Forgiveness takes time, faith, courage and many graces to release the negative energies you have been holding perhaps for many years. You always have the gift of free will and the power of choice. You cannot control others, but you can choose how you react to what others are doing, saying or creating.

The mystical truth about forgiveness is that it has nothing to do with the other person, and everything to do with you. When you release control over the situation and the outcome, and, when you are willing to see the goodness in yourself, and, the goodness in another, you open the door for true forgiveness and healing.

Love is your sacred connection that brings more joy and healing into your life and the lives of others. Love is the Truth, Oneness, and Grace that connects everything and everyone in the universe.

Love can be defined and experienced in many ways. We often see love as a variety of complex feelings, emotions and behaviours associated with affection, intimacy, compassion, sharing and respect for ourselves and others.

As Seekers, we are curious to explore love from a spiritual perspective beyond the boundaries and limitations of our emotions and feelings. We are all reflections of one another and interconnected through the essence of the Love that rests within each of us. Love is the healing energy and grace that flows through your Soul and fills your being. It holds the essence of the sacred or holy and manifests into the physical world through your heart centre.

When you share and channel the grace of Love to yourself and others you connect with a very sacred part of your heart and the intimacy of the Divine. You move away from your physical wants and needs towards spiritual awakening and empowerment which is your innate need to return to Wholeness, Truth, and Love. This card calls you to deepen your understanding of the sacred and the profound unending source of Love. Love is - the ultimate Truth at the center of creation.

Is Love all you really need? Let’s see what our cards say…

Stand in wonder, be open, curious and listen to your inner guidance and wisdom. Your intuition is trying to get your attention and guiding you to take action in the area of forgiveness. This could be about forgiving yourself or a person or situation from the recent or distant past. Either way, the Love card is here to support you through this process.

Love is the grace that flows from your Soul into your heart and to the source of the issue or situation. It dissolves unresolved resentments, hurt, or anger if you are willing to let go of your control over this relationship or situation.

Love allows you to witness but not judge the role you played in the situation, how you reacted, and how you could have done things differently.

Forgiveness is all about healing at the level of the Soul and choosing to give and receive Love. Our Soul does not want to change or fix the truth of who we are. It wants us to let go of our old beliefs and our fears of who we are not. It wants us to move beyond the illusions of separation and the emotions of fear, anger, and hate. It wants us to awaken our spiritual freedom and embrace the essence of all of life – which is Love.

Yes! Love is all you really need !


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I am a Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. Other certifications and passions include – Card Reader, Archetype Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Artist. Prior to following my talents and vocation, I was a secondary school teacher and adult educator for 25 years in Alberta, including 16 years as the Vice President of Northern Lakes College.

I call home the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer and provide leadership for many non-profit community projects including :  Wellness Fairs, Legion Paint Nights, and Home & Garden Tours. I was also active in the emergency housing and recovery efforts after wildfires devastated a third of our town in 2011.

 I spearheaded Art with a Heart, a three-year initiative that collected original art donations from across Canada to gift to residents who had lost their homes. For my contributions in the Slave Lake recovery efforts and the Art with a Heart project, I was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour, and other awards.

I am thrilled to bring my gifts, talents and my Soul Seeker’s Journey cards into the world. I will also be creating unique offers and workshops for women who are looking to self-actualize, create the life they want, and become the person they know they can be.

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