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Jump! It’s Time for a Change!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

My previous blogs have all prepared us for this very exciting moment! In case you are joining us for the first time, I will quickly review where we are at because... It’s time to Jump!

My journey as a soul seeker began when I started asking questions such as,

“What is my purpose?”

“For what reason was I born?”

“What is the soul?”

When these and other questions would not go away, I set out to find some answers. I read many self-help and spiritual books, studied with some amazing teachers, and acquired several certifications including:

• Reiki Master/Teacher

• Angel Card Reader

• Archetype Consultant

• Transformational Coach and Facilitator.

My work over the years moved me forward personally and spiritually, but I did not find what I was looking for - my purpose, calling, or a new vocation. I always had this feeling there was something missing, and I knew that something was within me. I can only describe it as a deep restlessness or a yearning that I sensed came from my soul. I knew a little about the soul from my religion, but I had no understanding of what it was or how to access it.

My search also kept pulling me back to one question that many of you may have asked. It seems like a short simple question, but I can assure you it’s not. It is a spiritual question that can send you spinning in many directions, perhaps for years, and it never seems to get tired of following you around!

The question is – “Who Am I?” How do you attempt to unravel or even come to terms with a question like this?

So…this is where we are at on our quest! I hope you are ready and excited to jump forward!

As a soul seeker we must jump because the journey to resolve our many esoteric questions requires a leap of faith into the mystery of the unknown. We can’t just casually step into these questions because the answers are not found in our rational mind, or by studying, setting goals, or completing a “to do” list. They can only be experienced through the inner-self and the world behind our eyes. This is unknown territory for most of us because we are strongly attached to the ego mind and our five physical senses.

Our spiritual paths will be different and unique, but what we all have in common is a curiosity and a knowing that it is time to take a deeper dive into this area of our life.

©Soul Seeker's Journey

You may be asking “What exactly are we Jumping into?

All my spiritual studies have come together and inspired me to create a deck of easy to use spiritual cards. These cards are transformational tools designed to help expand our spiritual practices, explore the magic of our inner-self, and to understand the nature and power of the soul.

I am excited to share my new Soul Seeker’s Journey cards and excerpts from the guidebook with you!

The cards are designed for card readings, but there are many ways to explore and receive wisdom and guidance from these cards. They all have beautiful artwork, a mystical feel, and a message calling you into a sacred space and your interior world. Each card is a personal soul key or value that I am working with in my own spiritual practice.

What I would like to do is to share the cards with you in a way that will take us on a Soul Seekers’ Journey in real time. Each blog will explore two or more cards and reflect

on the message, wisdom, and guidance each card presents.

There are 40 cards in the deck and four card categories – Spiritual Practices, Mystical Tools, Soul Power, and Mystical Laws. The card categories will provide a framework for our journey, and each card will serve as a stepping stone moving us forward individually and as a group.

It doesn’t matter where you are at in your spiritual growth to participate in our blog journey. You may be a beginner, a dabbler, or perhaps you have been on a spiritual path for many years. There are always new ways to grow and the cards will touch each of us differently with their wisdom. There may be artwork and messages on the cards, or content in the blogs that you don’t resonate with.

My advice to everyone is to take only what feels right and resonates with you and leave the rest.

I have chosen two cards to kick off our journey.

The cards are Choice and mystical law of Cause and Effect.

Choice - Choose to live in Truth

Cause & Effect - For every Action there is a Reaction

I selected the Choice card because today we made a choice to Jump! and discover who we really are. I paired the Choice card with the Law of Cause and Effect because every choice you make engages the Law of Cause and Effect - for every action there is a reaction. I look forward to exploring these cards more with you in our next blog!

P.S. Check out the Wisdom, Soul Compass, and Soul Companion cards in my previous blogs. Take a Chance, and Four Strong Winds)

Cate 💜


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