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Looking For Mystery, Magic and a Superpower?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Explore and deepen your spiritual journey through the wisdom of my Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. Welcome to card reading number eight on your journey.


As always, I ask that we bless this virtual space

to support everyone on their journey.


Let’s get started!

The 2 cards pulled randomly for this reading are Awe and Creativity. To help you work with these cards in your everyday life I selected Gravity as our bonus card. These 3 cards are laid out below in the order we will be working with them. Wherever you are on your journey these cards will hold insights, wisdom and important messages for you.  

Let’s take a closer look at the first two cards. Allow yourself to feel into the mystical artwork and read the message at the bottom of each card. Your message is in the box beside the card.

Card # 1 Awe

Card #2 Creativity

Your Card Reading – What messages do these 2 cards hold for you?

Awe and Creativity and are both in the Mystical Tools category in the Soul Seeker’s oracle card deck. We know this because there is angel in the right-hand corner of each card. The Mystical Tool cards are sourced not only from our mind but also from the perceptions and wisdom of our soul. This means that when we experience Awe or Creativity we are no longer working alone, but in partnership with a power and intelligence of Life greater than ourselves. *Use whatever word connects you with a power greater than you. In this deck we use the word Divine, but you may resonate more with - Universe, Higher Power, Spirit, God, Creator, or Nature.

Let’s take a closer look at Awe. The message beside the card tells us there is more to Awe than something amazing or beautiful that we can capture with our five senses or a photograph. Awe is not something we can create, command or control. When we are filled with Awe, even for a second, our physical and interior senses open simultaneously allowing the Grace of Reverence to flow through us. We touch a very sacred and holy part of our Self and become one with the essence of Holiness, which is the Divine.

Awe is a big clue and proof that we can go beyond the limitations of our physical senses, connect with a power greater than ourselves and experience the mystery of Life.

Now let’s explore Creativity. We may believe we have no creative talent, or that we are only creative when we are inspired by our emotions, mind or intellect. It’s time to let go of these old assumptions and create a new story! Creativity is the very essence of our nature as human beings. We are always birthing new projects, ideas, intentions, talents, thoughts and feelings. Our mind, emotions and actions all set the wheels of creativity into motion. We are never not creating!

In our soul each one of us holds the essence of the Divine’s creative intelligence and Life force. Creation is our ability to create the life we desire and to recognize that our real power is found within. Life wants to create through us using all our unique gifts, talents and personality to bring forth new ideas and the things that only we can create.

This card cautions us to use our creative power with discernment and wisdom. We are always guided to create from a place of wonder and curiosity and in partnership with a power greater that ourselves. We are learning to listen and to act on our inspirations, intuition and the guidance of our soul.

Experience the magic of creativity.

Let’s pull these 2 cards together!

The order these cards were pulled, and the card numbers are important in this reading. Awe is card number 13 and Creativity is number 14. These cards are working together and “talking” to each other to present a strong coherent message for us.

Awe showed up first to remind us that we are not alone. Our capacity to be filled with Awe is proof that we are working in partnership with the Divine or an intelligence of Life greater than ourselves. Awe also opened us up to the mystical, the sacred, and the grace of Reverence.

Creativity showed up in the #2 position to expand on our Awe experience and illuminate our next step. When we start to work with creativity, we are taking a leap of faith. Why? Because we are surrendering the bits and pieces of our old stories, limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns that our ego desperately wants to control and hang on to. Creativity is asking us to let go of any sense of lack, struggle or worry, even if it is only for a moment. It is always there urging us (sometimes for years) to act on our inspirations and have the courage to take the next step, even if it is a very small step. Expand your awareness and allow your body, mind and spirit to open up and stand in a place of wonder, curiosity and power. You cannot be stuck in your ego and experience the power of your true self at the same time.

Creativity is a choice.

We are at our most powerful and creative when we expand our awareness and blend the experiences of our mind and the feelings in our body with the eternal knowledge and wisdom of our soul. Choose to align your mind and body with your soul. Create the thoughts, feelings and actions that move you towards more joy, fun and love in your life.

Use the golden key on the Creativity card to unlock your unique gifts, talents and the deeper insights that yearn to emerge for you and in service to others. Many things have been created and done before – but not by you!

Bonus Card

To help us take Awe and Creativity into the real world, I would like to leave you with a Superpower!

Introducing …. from a mystical perspective … the Law of Gravity. Your message is in the box beside the card.

*If you missed any of our previous card readings you will find them in my blogs starting with, Up, Up, and Away.


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