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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... I See the Truth That Calls Us All!

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

We have all jumped into 2020 and a new decade. This is the perfect time to stop, reflect, and ask yourself a big question.

“Where are you on your spiritual journey?”

Are you just beginning, or have you have been on a spiritual path for many years? My Soul Seeker’s oracle cards are spiritual tools that share their wisdom and guidance in ways that are accessible for everyone. They have helped me, and I hope will help you to start or deepen your interior journey and connect with the power of your soul. I can’t think of anything more fun and inspiring to kick off 2020 and a new decade!


As always, I ask that we bless this virtual space

to support everyone on their personal journey.


The card randomly pulled for this reading is Reflection!

Reflection is all about endings, new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. This card is asking us to stop and reflect on our spiritual journey with the cards so far. What are the biggest insights you have discovered through the Soul Seeker’s cards or our card readings? I invite you to post a comment!

I feel the Reflection card is also asking us to reflect on our journey as a group of virtual seekers travelling together. If we were to map out our spiritual journey what would it look like? What are the twists and turns, steps and stops we have encountered so far?

Remember, it’s the cards, not me, that decided in what order they would appear on our journey. To explore this idea further, I spread out all the cards in the order they appeared over the last 8 blogs. I reflected on why these cards showed up together in each card reading and the messages they have for us as group of seekers travelling together.

I am excited to share my reflections with you!

The order the cards appeared in each consecutive card reading clearly showed they are working together to map out our spiritual journey.

Follow the angel numbers below in our Soul Seekers' Journey Reflections chart to see how our journey has unfolded so far. Below the cards you will find a description of why these cards showed up together and the messages they hold for us.

Angel #1

Where are we going? Anchoring the Beginning and End of our Journey

Align and Empowerment showed up in our first card reading to anchor the beginning and end of our journey. Align presents the parts of our being – mind, body and spirit that we need to consciously align physically and energetically to begin the interior journey. The journey and destination are about expanding our consciousness and self empowerment. We are learning to co-create with Life and others. We are empowering the nature of our true self and manifesting the yearnings of our soul. (Blog: Up, Up & Away)

Angel #2

Our Foundational Pillars

Our second card reading featured Gratitude and Balance. These cards teamed up to provide the foundational pillars we need for support throughout our journey. Gratitude is a simple tool that transforms dark into light, fear into love, and sad into glad. It has the power to instantly connect us to our soul. Balance invites us to slow down, go within and energetically align whatever areas (body, mind, or spirit) need our attention. Balance is a universal law that harmonizes our inner and outer worlds. (Blog: Slow down, you’re moving too fast!)

Angel #3

The Compass spins our Journey begins!

The Sacred Space and Soul Compass cards are navigational tools to help us explore our interior world. They showed up together in our third card reading to open the cosmic door that reveals our spiritual path. Within our being we have an inner sanctuary or sacred space that we can access anytime. This is the part of our true self that holds the grace of Reverence and the essence of the *Divine. (*Use whatever word connects you with a power greater than you). We also have a Soul Compass that we can sense but cannot see. This is a moral compass powered by the soul. It always moves us forward toward our destiny path and true north. (Blog: Home is where your Heart is…sensing what you cannot See.)

Angel #4

We Never walk Alone

The Soul Companions and Inspiration cards showed up together in our fourth card reading to inspire each other! Soul companions are unique because they share a passion and reverence for the spiritual journey and they bring wisdom and truth into each others’ lives. We cannot consciously control or create inspiration, but we can cultivate relationships and situations for inspiration to find us! We are guided to seek out people who cherish us and see the truth of who we really are. (Blog: Catch a Falling Star and put it in your Pocket.)

Angel #5

Sensing our Next Steps

In our fifth card reading, Illumination and Grace showed up. Both these cards hold sacred moments and gifts of light that guide our next steps from the inside out. Moments of illumination light our inner path, expand our insights and often reveal a truth for us about ourselves. Grace is a mystical substance and energy from the Divine. It flows wherever it is needed to heal or transform us or a situation. It often leads us to our next step. (Blog: This little Light of mine, I’m going to let it Shine!)

Angel #6

Bridging our Inner and Outer worlds

The Intuition, Forgiveness and Love cards showed up in our sixth card reading because we sense a need to connect our inner and outer worlds. Our 5 physical senses are too limiting to explore the world behind our eyes. These three cards, in this order, are here to escort us into our interior world. They shine a bright light, perhaps for the first time, to help us see the deeper wisdom they hold for us on the inside. Let’s take a closer look.

Intuition taps into a source of knowing that’s deeper than our mind. It is the subtle language of the soul that bridges our inner and outer worlds offering us guidance and insights that align with the desires of our heart and soul. We are always receiving guidance and support through our intuitive energy system.

Forgiveness has the power to transform us, our life, and the lives of others. It is often called the great healer of the soul because it offers us inner peace, fulfillment and freedom. The level of forgiveness we are talking about happens at the soul level. It has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with our relationship with our self, our soul and the Divine.

Love is the Truth and Oneness that connects everything and everyone in the universe. Your highest vibration and true self are Love. There is nothing you need to do, change or fix to be worthy of Divine Love. Every day presents new opportunities to strengthen this sacred connection that brings more joy and healing into your life and the lives of others (Blog: Is Love all you really need? This mystical truth revealed!)

Angel #7

Manifesting Our Untapped Potentials

The soul holds our untapped potentials, but how do we access them? How do we get our gifts and talents into the physical world to serve ourselves and others? Intention, Surrender and Presence joined forces in our seventh card reading to give us some insights and a 3-step process to make this happen. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Soul Intentions are our deepest desires that flow not from the mind, but from our heart and soul. When our mind aligns with these yearnings and we bring them into consciousness, they begin to manifest in the physical world.

2. The power of Surrender is activated when we release everything to a power greater than ourselves. We start to co-create with Life and engage our soul senses to manifest our intentions. Our soul senses are the many things we can sense but cannot see, such as our intuition, imagination, inspiration, creativity and reverence.

3. Our very Presence has the power to transform our life and the lives of others. It is a gift from the soul that allows us to create a field of connection, safety and trust that can impact the lives of others. It gives us the power to ignite the highest possibilities in any situation or relationship. (Blog: In the arms of the Angels …. Fly Away!)

Angel #8

Mystery & Magic

There is mystery and magic on our journey. In our eighth card reading Awe and Creativity teamed up to prove there is something more out there bigger than our ego mind and 5 physical senses. There is a new consciousness awakening in all of us that yearns to connect with the true self, the sacred, and the power of our soul.

Awe is the mystical or sacred connection we may experience when we connect with a power greater than ourselves. Who has not been overcome with a sense of awe holding a newborn or witnessing an amazing sunset that takes our breath away?

Creativity is not something we cannot control or learn. It is in our nature and we are all born powerful creators. In fact, we are always creating. Our ability to create causes us to experience the magic, mystery and our sacred connection to Life itself. Choose to create and act on the desires of your soul. (Blog: Looking for some Mystery, Magic and a Superpower?)

As we reflect on these cards, we can see and feel that the artwork and messages hold many layers and insights for us. We are well on our way and ready to begin the next part of our journey! I can hardly wait to see what wisdom and guidance the next 15 cards will reveal.

Seekers … start your engines! I have a feeling we are just getting started!


Cate is the author of the Soul Seeker’s Journey oracle cards, which will be available later this year. You can view and explore many of these cards on my Face Book page, Cate’s Corner (blog), or Instagram.Cate’s Corner features card readings to offer you guidance and inspiration with whatever is going on in your life right now. I encourage you to check out my blog, subscribe (at no cost), and post a comment. You don’t want to miss a card or a reading that may be life changing!​I am a Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. Other certifications and passions include – Card Reader, Archetype Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Artist. Prior to following my talents and vocation, I was a secondary school teacher and adult educator for 25 years in Alberta, including 16 years as the Vice President of Northern Lakes College.​I call home the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer and provide leadership for many non-profit community projects including :  Wellness Fairs, Legion Paint Nights, and Home & Garden Tours. I was also active in the emergency housing and recovery efforts after wildfires devastated a third of our town in 2011.​ I spearheaded Art with a Heart, a three-year initiative that collected original art donations from across Canada to gift to residents who had lost their homes. For my contributions in the Slave Lake recovery efforts and the Art with a Heart project, I was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour, and other awards.​I am thrilled to bring my gifts, talents and my Soul Seeker’s Journey cards into the world. I will also be creating unique offers and workshops for women who are looking to self-actualize, create the life they want, and become the person they know they can be.

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