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Sense What You Cannot See

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Wherever you are in the world and whatever chaos might be happening in your life, may this card reading bring you peace, inspiration, and hope. Take a deep breath… Life is organizing around your success!


Bless this space and everyone on their spiritual journey.


I started this blog to introduce you to my new Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. I hope our 14 card readings have offered you new insights and inspired you to begin, reboot, or deepen your spiritual journey.

When we started the card readings, I asked the cards to help you on your spiritual path and to assist all of us as a group of seekers. I had no idea how our collective journey would unfold until I pulled the Reflections card halfway through our readings. I was excited to discover that the 26 cards randomly pulled were clearly working together to map out the Soul Seeker’s Journey! All these cards are in a poster called Our Soul Seekers’ Journey - Reflections (Part One), in my blog Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Our journey with the Soul Seeker’s cards started in the blog Real Cards, Real Time, Real Fun! and it ends in this blog with our final card - Soul Power. This card was set aside from the beginning because it holds the power of all the cards, and I felt it should have the last word!

Soul Power

Your Card Reading

An invitation to explore the power of your Soul!

As Soul Seeker’s we believe we have a soul, but most of us have no idea what it does, where it is, or how to access it.

What is our soul?

The soul is not part of our conditioned mind, personality, ego, physical form, or achievements. It rests in the deepest part of our being, in our authentic, higher, or true self. It is our inner sanctuary and transcendent self that is outside space and time. Our soul is the underlying presence or essence of who we are and our sacred connection to the Divine.

(Use whatever name you call your Higher Power).

Our soul is… the essence of the Divine in us.

Why are we drawn to the spiritual path?

Our soul has big questions and yearnings that urge us to explore or jump into the spiritual journey.

The soul is not part of our conditioned mind, personality, ego, physical form, or achievements. It rests in the deepest part of our being, in our authentic, higher, or true self. It is our inner sanctuary and transcendent self that is outside of space and time. Our soul is the underlying presence or essence of who we are and our sacred connection to the Divine. (Use whatever name you call the power greater than you.)

We sense our soul within our being. It is the part of us that yearns to create, evolve, and move forward. It pulses behind the scenes inspiring us to use our gifts and talents to create and manifest our deepest desires into physical form.

Unlike previous generations, many of us are actively seeking personal growth, greater self esteem, and self actualization in many areas of our life. We may find ourselves asking big questions that seem simple, but we cannot answer.

We may also sense a restlessness or yearnings urging us to awaken new possibilities and our highest potential. A yearning or calling may feel something like this -

To feel our life has meaning and purpose and to

know that we make a difference in the world.

Our big questions and yearnings are generated not from our mind, but from our soul. They are clues that the seeker within us is awakening. The answers we are looking for not found on the outside in the physical world, but within our being, in our heart and in our soul. Your soul is inviting you to explore your interior world.

What is the Interior Journey?

The interior journey is about healing, transformation, empowerment, finding our true self and bumping into our soul. In the outside or physical world, we make choices from our conditioned mind and persistent ego. We work and create within our limiting beliefs, old stories and perceptions that are often sourced in lack, fear, achievement, and our culture.

The soul lets us know that our thoughts and choices that lead to reckless behavior, habits, or addictions, are not acceptable. They diminish our body, mind, and spirit, block our life force energy, and impact our soul’s stamina.

The interior journey begins when we start making changes on the inside at the level of our being. Transformational change is deeper than lifestyle changes. We are working to shift the core of our being, on three levels.

1. What we believe about ourselves, our core assumptions and who we are. 2. What we believe about others, life, and the universe. 3. We embody our new beliefs and show up for life differently. This leads to new ways of doing and being.

Our soul is always reaching for balance and well-being and it warns us through our physical health, thoughts, and emotions when we are off course. We may experience a variety of things such as an illness, negative self talk, anxiety or perhaps depression. We “know” when it is time to make a change and bring ourselves back into balance, but we often don’t act on this knowing. Our soul, body, and spirit, unlike our mind and ego, are instruments of wisdom and truth that always guide us forward.

The soul wants us to transform, awaken to the truth of who we really are and use the wisdom and power we already have.

Co-creating with our Soul

Our soul has an agenda complete with life lessons, challenges, possibilities, potentials, a scared contract, and destiny. The soul knows exactly what we need to release, heal, and transform to become the best version of ourselves and find the fulfillment and happiness we yearn for.

When we expand our awareness, surrender, and take a leap of faith, we begin to make more conscious choices from our true self in partnership with our soul. This is unknown territory for most of us because we are co-creating from a higher level of consciousness with a power greater than ourselves. We are also learning to release control and detach from the outcome of what we are creating.

This new partnership is powerful because it combines the two best parts of ourselves that make us human. The doing (our thinking mind and inner self) and our being (our true self and soul). We need both these capacities to heal and transform on the inside, and to manifest our dreams and desires on the outside in the physical world.

There is a smile on our face when we realize that we have come full circle and found the to answers to our big questions and yearnings that got us started us on the spiritual path. Suddenly we get it!

By transforming ourselves, our relationships with others, and Life, we become the change that transforms the world. We do make a difference!

Our Soul Powers

As human beings we have evolved beyond the power of our mind and five physical senses into the interior world of energy and the soul. This world is invisible, formless and the home of our 7 energy centers or chakras, and higher levels of symbolic and mystical consciousness.

We are gifted with many soul powers that are essential for our secular and spiritual survival. They are our interior senses, energies, and mystical capacities that we recognize and sense but cannot see. They include our imagination, intuition, creativity, insights, inspiration, love, wisdom, truth, compassion, courage, graces and many more.

Our soul powers are the language of the soul that work with and through us. They are the gifts that allow us to co-create and manifest in partnership with our soul. We recognize and experience our soul senses, but most of us do not know how to interpret their wisdom and guidance. This is because they are not logical or rational and offer no guarantee we will get what we want in the way or the timeframe we want it. The soul uses our soul senses and the graces of Mystery and Faith to keep us engaged and moving forward on our spiritual journey. Our soul senses are where all the magic happens and they hold many secrets that we will never know.

We live in the physical world of linear or Chronos time that is based on a 24-hour day. In this world we often find ourselves wandering in the past with our regrets and memories or trying to get somewhere better in the future.

The great mystics and spiritual traditions teach that all power only happens in the present moment. The present moment is in Kairos or vertical time, and this is where we experience our soul senses. They are in the present or the Now.

Our soul is outside of space and time in the Cosmic realm and the mystery of the unknown. We may experience a cosmic shift when we do something creative or heart centered that brings us joy. Suddenly we are in a flow or a zone outside of both linear (Chronos) and present time (Kairos) that is effortless. A few hours may go by and we wonder where we have been. In this spaciousness of the cosmic there is no fight or struggle. We swim with the current in the deeper flow of Life itself.

When our thinking creative mind partners with the power of our soul, we experience an awareness of cosmic consciousness.

A deeper understanding of our soul powers is essential in this new age of energy consciousness if we want to create, thrive, and survive!

Stay tuned – there is more to come in my next blog on this amazing card!

To be continued…….


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I am thrilled to be launching my Soul Seeker’s oracle cards later this year. In the meantime, I look forward connecting with you through our card readings, videos, Facebook, and Instagram. Our journey promises to be inspiring and fun, and I look forward to sharing it with you!


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