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Slow down, you’re moving too fast … try to make the magic last!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

“Thank You” for taking the time to slow down and make some magic with me as we jump into 2019! This is our second Soul Seeker’s card reading, and the two cards escorting us into the New Year are strong and perfectly paired. In fact, together they hold the potential to make 2019 a"transformational" year for you!

Before we begin, let’s take a moment to pause, and visualize our safe and sacred container that is supporting everyone on this virtual journey.

The two cards, randomly selected for this reading are Gratitude & Balance

©Soul Seeker's Journey

When I sit with these two cards, they magically invite me into a space of gratitude and balance. Take a moment to reflect on these cards, as I tell you a little more about them.

On the Gratitude card our goddess is standing deep in thought, thankful for everything in her life right now.

She is choosing to slow down and make this moment last. Her beautiful butterfly wings symbolize her evolution and transformation. When she practices gratitude, they magically open filling her with love and well-being. The lavender and lupin flowers symbolize calmness and imagination.

The Balance card at first glance appears very busy.

The artwork on this card is a collage of many of the cards in this deck. However, when we allow ourselves to experience this card, we may see that everything is working together and perfectly balanced. We may also find ourselves slowing down and connecting with a sense of inner calmness.

Card #1

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Card #2

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The Seeker's Path


Every moment we make choices that move us forward towards either reaction or creation. Gratitude is a conscious decision to create something new.

Gratitude releases an energy that instantly changes our mindset and feelings about any situation, circumstance, or person.

There is always a nanosecond pause before any action or choice you make. When this pause is filled with gratitude and grace, we instantly stop the trajectory of our thoughts. Our mind expands just enough to release its hold on the thought or perception that is causing us to struggle, suffer, or worry.

Instead of reacting to challenging situations and people in your life, extend kindness, grace, and appreciation. Instantly you will be rewarded with feelings of joy and well-being. Gratitude is an opportunity to create a new experience that is driven not by the mind, but by the soul.

You cannot be sad and glad at the same time.


As Seekers we are curious to explore how we can create less chaos in our lives and maintain a healthy balance in our inner and outer worlds. We want to connect with our inner-self to avoid the triggers, old patterns, limiting beliefs, and toxic thoughts created by the ego.

These fears, if left unchecked, can destroy both our outer and inner worlds. Your physical world may also mirror how you are organizing and creating your interior world.

Your state of balance is important because when you are out of balance, you inherently cause those around you to experience levels of chaos, destruction, and imbalance.

Choice is your superpower to restore and maintain balance.

The power of Choice is available to us every moment of every day. Making different choices is the only way to stop harmful lifestyle patterns and habits that throw us off physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Over a lifetime, poor choices that lead to chaos, anxiety, and suffering may result in serious consequences and chronic health issues.

We may, or may not, be aware that our poor choices can fate us, and take us further away from our highest potential and destiny.

Yet, we continue to make the same choices because we believe, consciously or unconsciously, that they are bringing us back into balance. Poor choices may provide a level of comfort, relief, and stability in the moment. However, when that moment passes, we may find they have created even more chaos and taken us further away from our authentic-self and our soul.

Our intention is never perfection, but to be more conscious of all our choices. Choice is the key to restoring and maintaining balance in your life.

The Seeker's Message

Every card in this deck falls into one of four categories.

The categories are - Spiritual Practices, Mystical Tools, Soul Power, and the Mystical Laws. The categories are identified by the symbol at the bottom of each card. I will define the Spiritual Practices and Soul Power categories because they relate to the cards in this reading.

Spiritual Practices: These cards invite you to create or deepen your spiritual practice. A spiritual practice is an important foundational tool to help you access and align with your interior world.

Soul Power: These cards are your soul power tools to help you explore the nature, power, and eternity of your soul. Ask these cards to help you experience a shift from your everyday awareness towards your authentic or true self and your soul.

The card categories are designed to provide a framework for your journey and to give your cards readings more depth. There are many ways to use these cards. If the card categories do not resonate with you just put them aside.

What message(s) do the Gratitude and Balance cards hold for us on our journey, and how can we bring it into our hearts and everyday lives?

Gratitude is card number 5 in the deck and in the Spiritual Practice Category

The Balance card is number 31, in the Soul Power Category

When we include Gratitude as part of our spiritual practice, we instantly experience a sense of Balance or well-being in our interior world. Practicing gratitude calms the mind and instantly connects you to your authentic or true self. Gratitude is the transformational key from your soul that harmonizes your inner and outer worlds.

Every New Year presents an opening and opportunity for us to be more giving, compassionate, and grateful for everything in our lives. The message and magic these two cards hold for us in 2019 is… slow down, appreciate the life you have right now, and see everything in your life as a blessing.

Your Mystical Law Card - Take your Journey into the Real World!

I chose the Law of Cause and Effect to complement the Gratitude and Balance cards. If you practice this Law and the messages on these 2 cards, I predict that 2019 will be a magical and transformational year for you!

Cause & Effecct
©Soul Seeker's Journey

Happy New New!

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