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Soul Food - Something To Chew On

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

🎶  Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go!  🎶

Hold on!

We can’t start our journey without some Soul Food

Let’s see what’s on the Menu!  Well, this is very interesting…. it’s my Third List!

You may recall that my Third List was a combination of my Current Values - how I was currently behaving, and my Desired Values – the person I wanted to become.  It was also my first attempt to articulate my spiritual values.

  "Spiritual values are what I believe governs my inner being."

There were about 30 words on my Third List.  As I reflected on them I knew, in my gut, that these unassuming words were the “missing pieces” I had been searching for most of my adult life. It never occurred to me that, to name my spiritual values, might be an essential part of my spiritual and soul growth! 

I had finally discovered my Soul Food and, what I am calling, my Soul Values.

Something to Chew On

Question: What are Soul Values?

Answer: The essential food for all soul seekers!

At this point, it might be helpful to have a peek at our Menu and a few of my Soul Values. This will give you something to chew on, and it might inspire you to reflect on your own spiritual or soul values.  In the meantime, you are welcome to use mine!

Not every value on my Current Behavior and Desired Values lists made the cut as a Soul Value. For example, I value collaboration, enthusiasm, adventure, and achievement, but these are not Soul Values.  A Soul Value goes beyond your ego, emotions, and even your spirit to touch your soul.  It is a yearning, a calling, or a whisper from deep within your Being.

You know on some level, if you could capture and activate this one word your life would be FULL.

I was very familiar with all the words on my Third List but, the truth was, I knew very little or absolutely nothing about most of them. I found this quite curious.  For example, the word Grace had been in my life since childhood but what did I really know about it?

 Could I define Grace or even recognize it in my life? 

What did I really know about Joy, Wisdom, Forgiveness or Empowerment? 

I knew so little about these words as values because they were not active in my life or my interior world.  I could feel I was being gently guided to ask more questions and to discover the essence and truth of these words. I saw each word as a soul key leading me to towards my authentic-self, my soul, and the Divine. I felt full just sitting with each one of these sacred jewels.

The Big Swallow

There was only one small challenge with my new list of Soul Values.

What was I supposed to do with 30 words that I believed were the keys to my Soul? 

I had a sense they were not going to disappear any time soon.  Maybe I should just ask the universe for another menu, perhaps one with fewer selections. Or, maybe I should just leave this menu on the table and pretend I never opened it.

I won’t keep you hanging - I decided to discover, explore, and engage my Soul Values.  I was excited and totally up for a new adventure. I reflected on the possibilities, potentials, and my creative gifts.  

Soon a project idea started to emerge and, along with it, new thoughts and feelings that I found totally overwhelming.  

“I have absolutely no idea how to do this!  It is too big, and I feel so alone…”.

🎶 All my bags are packed I’m ready to go, I’m standing here outside my door…. already I’m so lonesome I could cry. 🎶

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