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The Compass Spins... Your Journey Begins

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Let’s take a moment to reflect on our Soul Compass coordinates.

You Are Here!

☑️ because you want to explore spiritual questions and feelings such as, “Who am I? “, “Why am I here?”, or “What is the soul?” (more about this in blog # 1 SOUL CRAVINGS

☑️ to discover your spiritual values that you have yet to articulate or don’t know much about. (more about this in Blog #2 SOUL FOOD

☑️ because you have a yearning to experience and connect with the sacred, timeless part of you called the Soul.

☑️ because you are standing in a place of wonder and curiosity, releasing any need to know how this journey will unfold.

The last time we met, I left you with this question.

What do you do with 30 Words you believe are the Keys to your Soul?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…..the answer is blowing in the Wind”. - Bob Dylan

You may recall (in my last blog # 3, Take A Chance), that I was meditating on the word Wisdom, when an old owl suddenly flew into my thoughts. I have come to call him my Cosmic Owl because his messages always hold wisdom and truth.

His message for me was “You know what to do…

Yes, I had an Inner Knowing, and yes,

I did know what to do!

My Inner Wisdom was telling me that I needed to examine and unpack these 30 words. These words were my spiritual values or what I have come to call, my Soul Values. Most of them I knew little or nothing about, but I sensed they governed my inner being and were an essential part of my soul. I knew I could not start this journey without discovering the spiritual meaning in each of these words.

I was also inspired to put my talents and gifts into action. My intention was to create a deck of soul cards and a guidebook. I am a card reader and an artist, so this was a very exciting project for me. However, my enthusiasm only lasted until I shared it with a friend. She looked at me strangely and said…”you are doing What?”

At that moment the enormity of this project was hi-jacked by my ego. All my old stories and limiting beliefs started screaming at me, “You don’t know enough!”, “This is too big for you!”, “Who do you think you are!” I could go on, but you get the point. So, I shut down my Cosmic Owl, my vision for the soul cards, and I carried on with my life. The problem was, my Cosmic Owl never really left. He was always hovering in the background or just "blowing in the wind.". I recognized this feeling. I have felt it a few times in my life when there was a creative project, talent, or a course that I was called to act on. It would keep presenting itself again and again, almost commanding me to make a different choice. Sometimes I listened and acted, but often I didn’t.

I am a very literal and goal-oriented person. To step into this Soul Card project would require not only my mind but, more important, the expansion of my interior world in ways I had never seriously explored. I would have to get to know and feel all the energies and soul senses that we can name but cannot see. Things like - creativity, intuition, inspiration, imagination, love, emotions, and grace. The list goes on. In fact, I quickly realized that most of my 30 words could be classified as Soul Senses.

Eventually I made a conscious choice to follow my inner wisdom and guidance. I set an intention to discover, explore, and engage my 30 Soul Values and I started to create the Soul Card project.

We are all multi sensory beings and the soul senses are as important to our survival as our basic needs such as food and water. Human beings are wired to experience and express love, creativity, emotions, and intuition. The mind and intellect are of no use to us in the domains of our interior world and the soul. We struggle to understand, activate, and integrate the things we can name but cannot see, into our everyday lives. We also know intuitively that we can no longer limit ourselves to the five physical senses and our exterior world. The new frontier is all about energy and the world behind our eyes.

The Soul Card project is still in progress, but I am excited to start sharing my cards with you, as my journey continues to unfold. Cate’s Corner will feature cards from my soon to be completed Soul Seeker’s card deck, plus excerpts from the guidebook.

I encourage you to jump into your own soul seekers journey as we move through the cards. The cards have a framework and can be used for inspiration, reflection, or readings. I have no idea how this will all unfold in a blog format, but I trust the cards will help us out!

The compass spins……Your journey begins!

I want to leave you with the Soul Compass card.

Your Soul Compass illuminates your path and always guides you towards your True North and highest potential. There is a message for you at the bottom of the card.


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