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This Little Light of Mine, I'm Going to Let it Shine

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Stepping into Illumination and Grace

It’s time to explore your journey through the magic of the Soul Seeker’s oracle cards. Settle in as we begin our fifth card reading. The intention of each reading is to help you move forward on your personal journey, but also to stand with each other as soul companions on our virtual blog journey. So far, each card reading appears to be building on the previous readings. This is amazing, but not unexpected. I believe the cards are presenting a roadmap to help us navigate the Soul Seekers’ Journey.

If you missed any of our previous card readings you will find them in my blogs starting with, Up, Up, and Away.

As always, I ask that we take a moment to bless this space that is supporting everyone on their journey.

Let’s get started!

Our two cards, pulled randomly, are Illumination and Grace. When I saw these cards show up in this order, I was excited! They are both huge cards that pack a lot of *Soul Power, and the fact that they showed up together is a blessing and a grace.

Take a few moments to explore the artwork and message on each card.

Your message is beside the card.

Card #1

Card #2

Your Card Reading

What messages do these cards hold?

Illumination is a grace that lights your inner path, expands your insights, and often reveals the next step on your journey. Grace is a mystical substance, a divine light that flows wherever it is needed to heal or transform you or a situation. These cards have shown up together because they are keys that unlock your interior world and the power of your soul. They both hold sacred moments and gifts of light that invite you to act and shine from the inside out!


As Seekers most of us start on a path of personal or spiritual development that we tightly control with our 5 physical senses, rational mind, and ego. At some point even though we have set goals and experienced growth and success in many areas, we may still feel a sense of lack or that something is missing. We yearn for something more that will bring us lasting relief from our old stories, limiting beliefs, and fears. This search for more meaning and purpose, and often a yearning for the sacred, is the beginning of our interior journey towards illumination.

The spiritual journey is about seeking Wisdom and Truth, not from the mind but from our soul.

On this new journey we find ourselves asking deeper esoteric questions and searching for clarity on our next step. Sometimes we are rewarded with a moment or an experience of illumination. This happens when something shifts within our being to reveal a new awareness, insight, deeper wisdom, or a universal truth. These moments of cosmic clarity are not from our mind but from our soul. They may be very subtle and yet life changing because something that was hidden from us now has light.

Moments of Illumination invite us to make choices and to act on the insights or guidance we receive.


Grace is associated with many spiritual traditions, but particularly with Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church. As Seekers we are familiar with the term "grace" and intuitively know it commands amazing gifts and power. We yearn to understand what grace is, how it relates to our spiritual journey, and how we can invite more of it into our lives.

Most of us are familiar with the Graces of Compassion, Kindness, Patience, Love, and Courage, but there are an infinite number of graces. It is not the name of the grace but the intention behind the name that makes something a grace. We know when we have encountered or acted on a grace because we are left with a feeling of fullness and well being, and something within us says, “well done!” Grace in action is the force that directs someone to rush into a burning building without regard for themselves to save a person or a pet.

We feel the presence of grace when we hear an inner voice or have a feeling that directs us to slow down or not to say or do something we may regret. It is only later we realize that we have been touched by grace and saved from a harmful or perhaps life-threatening situation.

Grace is never self-serving, and it has many forms, expressions and signatures. Our lives have been touched by grace many times and in many ways that we are often not even aware of. One act of kindness can impact someone’s life in the present, which may influence or alter their future and, in turn the future of others.

Grace is not a special gift reserved for only a few but an invisible field that surrounds and protects each one of us. We cannot command this mystical substance, but through prayer and other spiritual practices we can embrace moments of grace, extend grace to others, and expand our field of grace out into the world. Our goal is never perfection but to become more mindful of grace, how it shows up in our lives, and how it elevates our choices and actions.

Grace is the Divine light within all of us that illuminates our path. We are all gifted with, and never without grace. When we see the grace in everyone and everything, we are guided to be more conscious of all our thoughts, choices and actions. We are all channels for grace, for ourselves, for others, and for our world.

Illumination Grace

Seeking Wisdom,Truth,

and moments of Divine Intimacy...

Wisdom is a grace that reveals guidance about who we are and how we are living. It involves choice and action, and sometimes the wisest choice may be no action. Wisdom is learning to blend our past experiences with the flow of intuitive guidance that filters through our thoughts, emotions, and biology. Every time we resolve a problem or situation through wise actions, we allow more light and grace into our life.

Truth is the grace at the heart of our quest for meaning and purpose. We feel the impulse of truth every time we do or say something that is contrary to the oneness or wholeness of our being. We know when we are lying because we can feel it in our body. We can also feel within our being when we say or do something that does not serve someone or something becoming whole. We are all seeking to become whole and to show up in life as our Authentic or True Self.

Our soul wants us to activate and our highest qualities, capacities, and potentials. These are our “little lights” of divine magic, our unique soul signature and the deeper truth of who we really are. Step into moments of illumination and grace and let your light shine!

Your *Mystical Law Card - Take your Journey into the Real World!

I chose the Law of One to complement the Illumination and Grace cards. Both these cards reflect the sacred gifts and power of our soul and the essence of the Divine working through all of us. The messages on these cards remind us that oneness is our true nature and we are not separate from each other. Everything we think, speak, and do is ultimately for the goodness of, and in service to, the whole.

Card References:

*Soul Power Cards: These cards help you explore the nature, power, and eternity of your soul. Ask these cards to help you experience a soul shift from your everyday awareness towards your Authentic Self and the Divine.

Be open to discovering your deepest yearnings, highest potential, and destiny. What does your soul want you to know?

*Mystical Law Cards: These cards are Universal Laws and Truths, that never change, and apply equally to everyone. Use these laws to take the messages and insights from the cards into your everyday life.


Cate is the author of the Soul Seeker’s Journey oracle cards, which will be available later this year. You can view and explore many of these cards on my Face Book page, Cate’s Corner (blog), or Instagram.

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I am a Feminine Power transformational coach and facilitator. Other certifications and passions include – Card Reader, Archetype Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Artist. Prior to following my talents and vocation, I was a secondary school teacher and adult educator for 25 years in Alberta, including 16 years as the Vice President of Northern Lakes College.

I call home the town of Slave Lake, Alberta. Over the years I have had the opportunity to volunteer and provide leadership for many non-profit community projects including :  Wellness Fairs, Legion Paint Nights, and Home & Garden Tours. I was also active in the emergency housing and recovery efforts after wildfires devastated a third of our town in 2011.

 I spearheaded Art with a Heart, a three-year initiative that collected original art donations from across Canada to gift to residents who had lost their homes. For my contributions in the Slave Lake recovery efforts and the Art with a Heart project, I was awarded Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour, and other awards.

I am thrilled to bring my gifts, talents and my Soul Seeker’s Journey cards into the world. I will also be creating unique offers and workshops for women who are looking to self-actualize, create the life they want, and become the person they know they can be.


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