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Up, Up and Away

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

In my last blog..... Real Time, Real Cards, Real Fun, I invited you to join me on a Blog Journey using my new Soul Seeker's cards. My intention is to share these cards in a way that will take us - individually and collectively on a spiritual journey.

Our first two cards, randomly selected, are


Soul Seekers Cards
© Soul Seeker's Journey

Just glancing at these cards, I know they have shown up now to create a powerful foundation for us to begin our journey. Remember, it’s the cards, not me, that decide when and in what order they will appear.


©Soul Seeker's Journey


The Seeker's Path


When we think of alignment we tend to focus on the mind or the body. The mind is very powerful. It controls our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions about ourselves, others, and life, both positive and negative. It is also the home of the intellect and all our bright ideas.

The body is the amazing vessel we live in that generates and holds all our feelings and emotions ranging from joy to fear. The body is also the home of the physical self that includes our anatomy on the inside and how we appear to others on the outside. We need to be conscious of this amazing machine and how, through all our choices and actions, we balance and care for it both emotionally and physically.

Spirit is subtler and something we often sense but cannot see. We may find it more challenging to know where our spirit is at any given time.

Where is your spirit?This is a living question to ask and be curious about.

As human beings we tend to spend a lot of mental, emotional, and spiritual energy in the past and the future. The present moment is the access point between the past and the future, and the place where your spirit is at rest and totally aligned. We cannot have a mind or a body without the spirit. Spirit is your center of Being, your life force, and your connection to the Divine.


As contemporary Seekers, we often begin our journey searching for personal empowerment.

We feel something is lacking or needs to be fixed for us to find our power and success in one or more areas of our life. We long to self-actualize and escape the old stories, patterns, and limiting beliefs that hold us back from our potential and the person we know we could be. We may seek coaching, counseling, or teachers to help us confront our victim, wounds, and inner child that continue to sabotage our success. We have done a lot of personal growth and spiritual work, but, despite our best efforts, we sense something is still missing.

The Soul Seeker emerges when our search for personal power expands to include our deeper spiritual inquiries.

We start asking questions such as, “Who am I?”, or “What is my life purpose?”. We may feel a restlessness within that longs for inner peace. Perhaps we yearn for a deeper connection to the Divine or a Higher Power.

These questions and feelings call our attention away from our 5 physical senses and direct us towards our inner-self and the world behind our eyes. In this domain we find we are curious and open to new and subtle senses from our soul. These senses gently shift our perceptions and somehow leave us feeling full, satisfied, and complete.

The search for spiritual empowerment - discovering the truth of who we are and how we might serve others has begun.

The Seeker's Message

Let’s take a closer look at the connection between our Align and Empowerment cards. They have shown up together, so we must ask – “What message do they have for us and how does it relate to our journey”?

The order these cards appeared is significant. They have chosen to anchor the beginning and the end of our journey.

The first card pulled was Align and it anchors the beginning of our journey. I say this because the number 1 at the bottom of the card indicates it is the first card in the deck. We are reminded that to start or move forward on our spiritual journey we need to consciously practice reconnecting our Body, Mind, and Spirit. Alignment is a spiritual practice because it is something we can create anytime to access or deepen our relationship with the inner-self.

Empowerment is a soul power card and number 30 in the deck. This card anchors the end of our journey. It celebrates your personal growth, spiritual work and the relationship you have created with yourself, others, and life itself. You have built a solid foundation to manifest your deepest desires and the songs of your soul. Let your inner light shine, because only YOU can fulfill your life purpose.

Both these cards also illuminate the path for our journey. The artwork on the Align card highlights the 7 Chakras that govern the physical, emotional, and spiritual centers of our being. On the Empowerment card we see a mystical keyboard symbolizing your path and the many keys to access your soul. The yellow dahlias are associated with the crown and root chakras and hold the energy of empowerment.

Your Mystical Law Card

The Law of Attraction is the mystical law I chose to complement and harmonize with the Align and Empowerment cards.

Mystical Law Soul Card
©Soul Seeker's Journey

Take your Journey into the Real World!

As Soul Seekers we are asked to see this law as a sacred opportunity to consciously co-create with our soul. Ask yourself – What does your soul yearn for you to create,to bring more joy into your life and the lives of others?

This law is not about manifesting what you can get, but what you can give!

When we look at these 3 cards in order, we see the yellow colors in the cards expand and get brighter.

This is a reminder to let your light shine, you DO make a difference !








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