• Cate Gongos

What You Intend is What You Become

Updated: Feb 4

Exploring Intention and the Law of Attraction

Every aspect of your life you want to change starts with an intention. When you set an intention for the day, month, or year, you are putting what you want to attract, receive, or create into a field of unlimited possibilities.

Our intentions are sourced from various levels of consciousness. Intentions from our conditioned mind and ego are based in fear, lack, and worry. They can keep us stuck and unable to make or sustain the changes we want. Intentions from our soul align with our truth and deepest desires. Our soul yearnings flow from our heart, not our head and they hold the seeds of our highest potential and destiny. We are multi-sensory spiritual beings who have the capacity to sense the guidance of our soul.

The soul holds our essence qualities that are the unique gifts and talents we are all born with. They are meant for us to develop and use in ways that help us and serve others. They are the seeds of your life purpose and there will never be another you on the planet. The soul speaks to us through our intuition, creativity, dreams, imagination and more. It is calling us to wake up and to start creating with our many gifts. We manifest the sacred contract of our soul into physical form through the power of intention.

Intention without commitment, discipline and action is useless. We may choose to ignore our dreams and desires because they are too big, we don’t know enough, or we lack the skills to take them on. We may have many questions about where, what, and how our idea could succeed. Even when we choose not to manifest our desires, these yearnings do not necessarily disappear, but, without intention, they slowly wither and die.

When we act on the desires of our soul, we let go and detach from the outcome we want or expect. As we surrender our intentions into the field of unlimited possibilities, we are filled with faith and trust. We have faith that life is organizing around our success, and we trust our next step will be illuminated at just the right time.

Our intentions set the wheels of creativity into motion and activate the Law of Attraction. This universal law means “like attracts like.” Every thought we have attracts a similar emotion or feeling that registers somewhere between love and fear. The more we focus on, or attach to a thought form, the more energy and power we give it. Our dominant thoughts attract more of the same situations, people, and circumstances into our lives including the ones we don’t want!

The Law of Attraction gained popularity in 2006 when a book called The Secret was published. Many people used this law to manifest material possessions, wealth, and external power. The Law of Attraction is more complex than asking and expecting the universe to give you exactly what you focus on or visualize. As spiritual seekers, we want to work with this law to attract and manifest the yearnings of our heart and soul. We do this to help ourselves but also to serve and empower others.

We go beyond the Law of Attraction when we understand that we are not manifesting our desires alone. We are in a new co-creative partnership with our soul and the Divine. The soul is always in the present moment, which is the only place everything happens, and happiness exists. The wants and needs of the ego are always in a state of lack or fear. Even when you get what you want, your ego is always looking for more. The ego is never fulfilled and at peace with what is.

When you act on your soul’s yearnings the universe collaborates with you in the present moment, and you are in a flow with life that is not based in linear time. In this space and in the field of unlimited possibilities your task is simple. You let go, trust, and allow your heart, soul and the Divine to take the lead. You may not get what you thought you wanted in the timeframe you expected. But your soul will inspire you to act on the things that leave you feeling truly fulfilled and happy. You will always get exactly what you need.

You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

- Upanishads

Explore the Intention card with Cate in this video.


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