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When You're Smiling...

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Around the world we continue to face many issues, disruptions, and challenges in our everyday lives. Wherever you are may you find comfort and hope through the wisdom of these cards.


Bless our virtual space and everyone on this journey.


The three cards for this reading are Emotions, the Law of Vibration and Wisdom. These cards appeared right now to show us how we create our reality. They also disclose a superpower that is always ready to assist us. Can you name our superpower? It is one WORD revealed in the card messages below.  



Card #1 - Emotions

Card #2 - Mystical Law of Vibration

Card #3 - Wisdom

Your Card Reading

The Emotions and Wisdom cards were pulled randomly. I selected the Mystical Law of Vibration because it illustrates how our upper chakras (spiritual centres) work together with our emotions and wisdom.

Can you name the EMOTION you are feeling right now? Are you feeling happy, content, excited or joyful? Perhaps you are feeling bored, sad, depressed, angry or something in between. Positive emotions vibrate at higher frequencies moving you towards joy. They make you smile inside and out.

Love is your most powerful emotion. Negative or shadow emotions have lower vibrations that leave you feeling disconnected, powerless, and physically exhausted. Negative emotions are all expressions of fear.

Your mind generates 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day and your thoughts attract emotional energies of similar vibrations and frequencies. You have a wide range of emotions that, in accordance with the Law of Vibration, are in constant motion always moving, shifting, and changing. You are always making choices, acting, and reacting to situations based on your thoughts and feelings.

Other people’s emotions or energy also impacts and can trigger your emotions. You cannot stop or hide your emotions, but you can learn to guide them and reach for positive emotions that move you towards greater feelings of well-being on the emotional scale. You can also learn to control and shift your emotions to avoid triggering yourself or others.

Your emotions are an important part of your inner guidance system and spiritual journey.

When you hide, deny, or supress any emotion you also suppress its opposite energy. If you deny a fear, you minimize courage. When you do not allow yourself to feel grief or sadness, you leave no room for peace and happiness. What you resist persists and you must learn how and when to use your negative emotions rather than allowing them to use you. Shadow emotions are messages from your soul that are telling you to bring your body, mind, and spirit, back into balance.

Practice turning towards your fears with love.

To do this, go within and turn towards, not away from, a negative emotion or fear. Do not judge or scold it, just feel where it might be hiding in your body. Name the emotion you are feeling and hold or observe it with love and compassion. Listen for any messages it may have for you. Bless this fear and create a space for it to release, dissolve or move on.

Emotions are powerful vibrations that impact your overall health and well-being. They can either physically exhaust or exhilarate you. Your emotions create your reality because whatever you are feeling determines what you will attract into your life every moment of every day. Emotional freedom is a choice and an ongoing process. It is your ability to feel and express your emotions and to own each moment no matter what or who you are facing.

Every emotion is part of your soul’s journey and has lessons of compassion, understanding and love for you.

The Law of Vibration is your

superpower of choice in action.

WISDOM is something you acquire through age and life experience. It is often through your failures, disappointments, pain and suffering that you learn to make wiser choices. The spiritual journey reveals an inner or deeper wisdom that is not powered by the mind but by your soul. Inner wisdom is when you access deeper levels of knowledge, information, and intuitive guidance through higher mystical powers such as grace. It offers you expanded levels of consciousness and greater powers of discernment.

These are not things you can learn but they are often activated or revealed when you most need it. Perhaps you are in a crisis or at a crossroads and need answers. You do not know who to trust or what path to follow. Suddenly you know you are being intuitively guided, and your path is illuminated for you to see or know the wisest choice forward. Intuitive guidance is from your soul and the Divine.

The soul understands where you are coming from and where you need to go to fulfill your highest potential and destiny.

Your Wisdom Chakra is the 6th Chakra in the middle of your forehead. This is your 3rd eye and the access point for your intuition and other inner guidance. Inner wisdom is often not logical and revealed through insights, messages, angels, guides, signs, symbols, and other capacities you can sense but cannot see. Wisdom in its purest form is a grace. The grace of Wisdom is Divine energy that enters through the 9th Chakra in the mystical realm above your head. Grace goes wherever it is needed filling you or the situation with Divine light that inspires you to act and do whatever is required for yourself or others.

Wisdom also harmonizes with the Law of Vibration (5th Chakra) because this is your power center of Choice. You create your reality through your thoughts, emotions, words, actions and reactions towards yourself and others.

Everybody has choice, but not everyone has wisdom.

These three cards remind us that even during times of disruption, chaos and fear, our power of choice and free will can never be taken from us. Choose to align with the truth of who you are and the wisdom of your soul.

When you’re smiling… the whole world smiles with you! 😊


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